Analysis of oil and fat residue from kitchen exhaust ducts

31 May 2017

One of the services offered by our laboratory is the analysis oil and fat residues. This type of analysis is most commonly employed during fire scene examinations...

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Alternative Sampling Media for Collection of Samples from Fixed Surfaces

08 February 2016

Our laboratory has received a number of fire debris samples that were collected via swabbing. These samples generally consisted of absorbent pads that had been rubbed onto substrate surfaces believed to have come into contact with an ignitable liquid. These pad samples were extracted and analysed via gas chromatography-mass spectrometry, as per our standard analysis procedures.

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Exhibit Submission Guidelines

20 October 2015

This Technical Bulletin outlines the guidelines adopted by our laboratory for the acceptance of exhibits for analysis. Improperly packaged exhibits may produce false negative results from loss of sample material, or false positive results from contamination. Please ensure you read these guidelines when packaging items for analysis to ensure the integrity of your exhibit.

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